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Driver to Pit Crew Radio Systems

We have fantastic High performance radio communications systems + Pit Crew Headset to offer you.

How They Work

These systems are very easy to use.  The speakers and microphone in your helmet allow you to talk to your “Pit Crew” through a radio transmitter/receiver on the vehicle, which you control with a simple press-button (PTT) on your steering wheel.

How to Choose what you need

Every system has the same basic parts such as the wring harness and PTT button etc. You simply choose any optional accessories you may want to consider.

Car Kit

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H’set lead

Purchasing your Radio communications kit could not be easier!

If you already have a radio, then we can supply the headset kits with the right connector for your radio - call for details  


Harness FAQs

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Car Kit 2 600 Details


Pit Crew Kit

In-ear Speakers


Wheel PTT Button


600 Details


Mounting Pouch

Antenna Kit


Radios can be supplied with license-free PMR446 channels, or we can programme your Ofcom Licensed channels

NexGen Connectors