The new 803 is the highest performance radio we supply.

Built with an alloy chassis,  this compact radio has the power and durability for the harshest of environments.  

Clarity of transmission and reception is second to none in the industry, ensuring accurate radio communication whatever the situation.

Power output is set to ½ watt for PMR446 use, but can be turned up to 4 watts for other frequencies where applicable.

The IR-803 walkie talkie is available in UK/EU-PMR446, US-FRS/GMRS and Australian 40 channel CB licence free frequencies, as well as Programmable for those with UHF or VHF private frequencies, so that they can be easily integrated into your existing business radio systems if required.


Freq. Range - 410-480MHz

Temperature Range -30~+60 deg

Freq. Stability ±5.0ppm

Case Size (w/o antenna) 63×106×38mm

Channel 200CHS

Weight (w/battery pack) 250g

803 Battery Voltage (DC) 7.4V DC±20%

CE + R&TTE Certificated